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CHi-ToWn PaRtY LiNe
General Shit
The Partyliners and some shit!
Calendar of Events
The Faces **~Be Careful~** Enter At Your Own Risk!!

The Partyliners and some shit!

KraZie ~~~~~ 27 YeaR oLd feMale beEn on the PL too FucKin LoNg :::::: mMuUaAHhZz ::::::

BOrIqUa~D (wAuk~ToWn) ::::::::::::BORI::::::::::::: 18 YeAr Old Dude bEeN On THe ParTy LinE LoNg eNoUgh ~CutE aZ MudDy FaWka ::::::::::::MuaHz:::::::::::::  ~~~MoVeD~~ 

MakAila ~~~~~~ NOt sUre BouT aGe!!!!! She One Of MozT HaTed oN thE PL ~wHy YoU sAy bEcAuZ ShE KeEpz It ReAl~ "lOoK aT aLL tHEsE uGlY pEOpLE"

LOuIs ~~~~~~ 25 YeArz OlD BeEn On tHe PL tOo loNg :::::::::::: MuAHz ::::::::::: 

Ed~RoCk ~~~~~~ tHiZ iZ ThE SweEtEzT DuDe oN tHe PL :::::::::::::::::::mUaHz::::::::::::::::::

WaKkO ~~~~~ ?? YeAr Old DudE TaLkZ a LoT Of ShIt ~~~~ wTf~~~~ "WUdUp LiL uGlY bItCHeZ"

tHiRStY ~~~He jUz DuN KnOw Da BiZneZZ~~~ HaZ iZzuEz Wit CoNVeRsAtIon** "YEAY"

LOkA (PaYPHoNe) ~~~~~ HaZ GivEn LotZ oF MoNeY tO tHe CiTy vIa ThE PaYpHoNe  :::::::::::50CeNtZ:::::::::: (PLC)

AnGeL DD ~~~~~ YeP sHeZ a CelEb and sHE KnOws iT  :::::::::: mmUUaAHHZZzzzz ::::::::::

LiLi (bErWyN) ~~~ LiL MudDa FaWkiN MuLlY GeT Yo BiG! ~~~ShEz A ReAl PLC~~~  "DoEZ aGe rEAllY mAttEr?"

cHiNO ~~~aNoTHa oF ThE mOzT hAtED~~~ "FuK u I kNOW hiM" *pEoPLe tAlK AbOuT tHIs dUdE wHeN hE iSN't EvEn On THa Pl*

BeRtA ~~~ SoUnDz wHiTe lOOkZ lIkE a bRAzIEr AND hAZ a pIGgY nOsE **LMAO** ~InSiDE JoKe~ lOoK oUT cAUz ShE cAn Be FiEstY ~~

mUnKeE ~~~ iF yOu nEeD A rOlE dOg sHE iS iT! dUn bE fOoLED tHoUGh ShE kNOwS dA bIzNEzz!!

cASsAnDrA ~~~ nOt tO mUcH To sAy i'lL gEt BAcK 2 yOu ON tHAt!

kInG dInG a lInG (ToNy) i OnlY hAvE OnE ThiNG 2 sAy "ShUDdUP aRaB"!

whiTE pOwEr ~~~ *WP* hE'z gOt pL hAtErZ ~~~ He lIkEz To tHiNK hE oN gAme bUT nEeDz A lIl TuToRiNG ** wINk WiNK **

T ~~~ ** FAdEz iNtO tHE dARkNEzz **

SoNyA ~~~ FaWkIn hoME wReCKeR ~~~

rUgGeD ~~~ hI mAh NaME iZ aRnOlD ~~~

CoNcEpT ~~~ WhAzZUp ThIz iZ cOnSHePT ~~~ ShUdDuP bItCh

SpOoK dOgG ~Oh yEah~

FrEEkO ~~~ UmMmMmMmMm YeA sHeZ tHe sHiT ~~~




Chicago Party Line
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