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The purpose of the Party-Line is to talk, however the majority of the Partyliners talk shit and act stupid...... Partyliners are very complicated and put on a front on the phone and lie about just about everything, there are a few exceptions, but in the long run almost everyone meets then all is put out there so what is the point of lying in the first place? Who knows that is the million dollar question. The Party-line has been around for a hot minute, me personally I have talked on it for 9 years or better off and on. Most of you know who I am so no need to say. The Party-line has it's good and bad points the Partyliners make the PL what it is! This is the absolute kraziest shit I have ever heard and believe me there are a million Party-line stories to be told and maybe one day I will provide a few!! The lamest people on the PL are the phone bangers **LMAO** they make the PL lame as hell. The funniest people are the Party-line lovers they make the Party-line go round. How bout the original gansters, veterans, they have mad war "Party-Line" stories. Lately it's been like a reunion! When you go to the members page you will have an almost complete list of Party-liners, excluding the new booties. Most of the names you will recognize and some you won't but I can probably gaurantee you have bumped into them at one time or another. Most people have said that me doing this is lame, but I think it's funny and I bet all those people who said it was lame will be the people to visit the most. This is just a summary of the Party-line and it's comers and goers.
   The one thing that I have noticed is that the braziers are trying to take over as well as the haters. Yes I am an oldschooler for all those that wonder and most of you already know. I have seen quite a bit of drama from this shit and probably caused quite a bit. There are so many rumors and so much gossip that the only way to know the truth is to actually meet the people and see for yourself. Some of the shit you hear is very true and you can alwayz tell because the person it is about gets very fuckin mad about it. Most people have more haters than friends on the PL and it's all because of rumors or gossip that people believe which is stupid, I don't believe anything I hear and only half of what I see, so Pler's bullshit is just that bullshit!! If you get offended or carry Party-line feelings it's because it's probably the truth and it hurts. *keep that in mind* The people that start the rumors are the one that are the most hated on and they try to make up for it by talking shit about others to make people not focus on them. As time passes everyone already knows everyone and shit dies down and then the new booties become OGs and the process starts all over. Ya feel me! Alright thaz enough PL shit for right now I'll add more laterz.......
Peace, Love, and Partyline

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